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Originally started in 2004, Jazz Revelation Records was a student-run, artist-driven record label created to present the top jazz composers and performers from Berklee College of Music. Gathered from all over the globe, JRR artists spoke the traditional language of jazz in a new way. Their youth, their passion, and their commitment was the launching pad for a sound that got inside your head and heart. Berklee has always been a leader in the study of that wonderfully elusive thing called "Contemporary Popular Music," and back in the day that meant one thing - jazz. While jazz may no longer be at the center of pop culture, it is very much still at the center of why Berklee continues to attract the best and the brightest.

Berklee Revelation Records (BRR) now looks to reflect what our students experience every day; a melting pot free of genre-specific and stylistic boundaries. A way of life that can be felt in our recitals, concerts, and events. From commencement performances, to musical showcases, to Boston Conservatory at Berklee. With annually rotating genres, BRR will create more opportunities for different artists in the areas of singer-songwriter, film score, video game, classical, musical theatre, jazz, R&B, world music, electronic, experimental genres, and much much more. We hope that this not only promotes and fosters creativity, but that this will open the label up to a wider audience and promote new collaboration with departments and groups both on and off campus.

Members of the Professional Music major know first hand the diversity and creativity that comes with each and every one of our students as well as the greater Berklee community.

Berklee College of Music is a state-of-the-art institution that covers all the bases. From hip-hop turntables to classically trained pianists searching for the lost chord, Berklee plays host to a world-wide and world-class body of some 4,000 students. Now, after 14 amazing albums, Berklee’s premier record label is looking to broaden its scope under a new name.


Radical Self Love


Do you want to submit music to us? Do you want to partner with us? Anything else? Reach out to us!

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Boston, MA 02115

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